The welding head has broken through 1 000 000 times
Diamond welding head applied to customer's equipment, new welding times record

At present, "SOUCUA" has a design, research and development engineering team composed of more than 10 people. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the precision hardware industry. Our product direction is deeply engaged in the precision consumables of "welding head(heating chip)", "powder metallurgy mold", "diamond tungsten steel Parts" and "evaporation boat". We have 13 years of research and nearly 30 research patents, as well as brand information transmission. From concept to patent, milling and grinding will integrate the spirit of craftsman into product design.

Provide customers with solutions for precision consumables; With new materials, new technologies, new application solutions, more efficient value-added marketing and product service systems, "SOUCUA" is committed to improving production efficiency, saving equipment maintenance time, reducing production costs and material consumption, responding to the national call for environmental protection, and becoming a green and energy-saving enterprise.

Enterprise size
The planned production area of "SOUCUA" in Hengling Street Industrial Zone in Hengjiao is about 2000 square meters. With 13 years of experience in large-scale production and management, we have jointly established the manufacturing spirit of "pioneering SOUCUA" to ensure that customers' demanding demands for quality are met.
"SOUCUA" is equipped with western Japan, Beijing Jingdiao, Suzhou Hanqi and other brands, and has 6 CNC, 16 slow, medium and fast wire feeders, more than 10 grinders and other equipment, covering fine cutting, laser engraving, precision welding and other processes and technologies; Mature and responsive team, strict production and management.
"SOUCUA" actively promotes the "ingenuity" spirit of "heart, responsibility, creativity and cooperation", builds a refined management model, and runs its style through all work links; Craftsmanship often means precision, delicacy and complexity. Behind every precision product with customized features, there is an implicit pursuit of craftsmanship, which is the precious and proud insistence of "SOUCUA".
There are dozens of key processes, each of which has strict execution parameters, which is the standard to measure the skill. Only a teacher who has been a craftsman for more than ten years can handle every detail and every process difficulty.
Quality assurance
"SOUCUA" realizes the whole process control of product quality through the construction of standardization system, and ensures the standardization, environmental protection and consistency of product quality of the manufacturing production line in combination with the quality testing laboratory with complete equipment.
After-sales service
"SOUCUA" has always adhered to customer needs as the center, adhering to the service concept of "realizing value and growing with customers", committed to making service one of the company's core competitiveness, and striving to build "service-centric, support-oriented" Backed by "", to create an advanced service brand "SOUCUA".
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