Soucua Introduction
Origin of development
Headquarters address
China. Guangdong. Dongguan
Core Technology
Professional supplier of precision consumables solutions
R & D Sales
Welding head (heating chip), powder metallurgy mold, diamond tungsten steel Parts, evaporation boat and other products

"Dongguan Soucua Hardware & Electronics Co., Ltd.", with the brand of "Soucua", once used the brand name of "shouchuang", is a productive supplier rich in "innovation, internationalization and technology". The core positioning is focused on "(I) Solder Head Business Department (the welding heads are divided into spot welding heads, pen welding heads, haba welding heads, etc., and the application fields are inductive electronic components, IC cards, watch coils, micro motors, connectors, network transformers, charging lines, PCB&FPC, loudspeakers, and hot pressing welding of enamelled wire products), (II), Powder Metallurgy Mold Business Department (Inductance integrated molding mold, magnetic material mold, pharmaceutical mold, etc.), (III) Diamond Tungsten Steel Parts Business Department (fixed piece, movable piece, evaporation boat, winding pole, wire nozzle, clamp clip, collet, etc.) and (IV) International trade, a total of four major fields, providing customers with competitive product design, technology research and development, production and manufacturing and marketing services.

"SOUCUA" adheres to the business philosophy of "steady operation, pioneering and innovation, embracing all rivers, win-win cooperation, and creating the future together", and has a core team with excellent technology, rich experience, innovation and hard work. We have always been focusing on product technology research and development, and have more than 30 "invention patent certificates" and "utility model patent certificates" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

On the basis of core technology, "SOUCUA" has introduced sophisticated high-end CNC production equipment, adhered to independent research, development and innovation of core technology, and scientific, rigorous and high-quality production management process to ensure product quality. We always adhere to the customer-centric and striver oriented principle. Through unremitting efforts and pursuit, we can reduce costs, improve production and efficiency, achieve innovation, and continuously create value for customers.

After more than ten years of operation, "SOUCUA" has gradually formed a "one vertical and one horizontal, cross cutting, steady development", "one vertical" means that the "four service centers" are R&D center, operation center, production center and marketing center; "One horizontal" refers to the "four major development directions" of precision hot pressing welding head, powder metallurgy mold, diamond Parts&tungsten steel Parts and optical evaporation boat. It provides a broad development space and platform for comprehensively serving customers and realizing self value of the company's employees, and builds the cornerstone and bridge of development for realizing the "the Belt and Road" and jointly building the "Great Chinese Dream" in the 5G era.

Company yearbook


  • In February, Southeast Asia Overseas Business Unit was established, with its marketing base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to help develop overseas markets


  • “Soucua” company introduced the production of integrated molding die, which was highly recognized by the market and achieved cooperation with many listed enterprises


  • Develop diamond accessories for customers, and the products are recognized by customers


  • Diamond welding head is successfully developed and gradually popularized


  • Upgrade key automation accessories for customers' Rite inductive production equipment


  • “Soucua” company was rated as "Guangdong High tech Enterprise"


  • “Soucua” company developed small pulse welding hot press for customers, delivered 80 sets, and began to develop diamond welding head in the same year


  • Enter the production field of nonferrous metal products, which involve the optical industry. Molybdenum boat, tungsten boat and other evaporation boat products enter the market; In the same year, the company officially developed international business


  • “Soucua” company's hot pressing welding head has developed rapidly, and its products involve IC card, motor, electric light source, relay, LED, sensor, connector and many other industries


  • “Soucua” company successfully developed the spot welding head, and in the same year, we cooperated with famous brand inductance component enterprises


  • “Soucua” company was established, and our pulse hot pressing welding head series products officially entered the market


  • Start to enter the field of electronic and industrial welding, research and develop and process core precision accessories


  • Set up a machining business department to engage in the production and processing of hardware industry
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