Talent Concept
Character first Ability suitable Cultivation and development
SOUCUA follows "Let the right people do the right things" in the employment standards. Between virtue and talent, virtue is the first priority; emphasis on academic qualifications, but it is not a must; emphasis on experience, not only experience, but also the ability to match the position

Perfect promotion channels and training mechanisms, providing multi-directional talent training paths such as technology and management;

Purchase social insurance and commercial insurance after employment;

Enjoy various benefits such as working age allowance, year-end bonus, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and other paid holidays and statutory holidays;

Free board and lodging, single dormitory, with independent toilet, shower room, central air-conditioning, Wi-Fi;

There are leisure and entertainment facilities such as library, basketball court and table tennis court;

Regularly carry out various festivals and cultural activities, theme evenings, short trips, and distribute various gifts during major holidays

Career Development
Talent is the main wealth of an enterprise. SOUCUA actively builds a learning enterprise and creates a good atmosphere conducive to the growth of talents. The company encourages employees to carry out on-the-job continuing education and learning, vigorously implements talent training and use plans, and provides employees with a variety of effective ways to enhance their capabilities and growth and development platforms to help employees and the company grow and develop together.
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